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Comlag Americas fosters camaraderie, bringing together former Alumni in the Americas to network, to make an impact where members find themselves, through educational events which promotes sharing of ideas for a better world and giving back to the communities in the Americas and around the world.

Comlag Americas reconnects Commandos across the Americas with one another through community work. We currently have several Commandos spread across the Americas: notably in Brazil, Canada and the United States. We are registered in the State of California.









Member Engagement

In order to achieve our purpose of educating our members and creating a sense of belonging, community style, Comlag Alumni Americas always plan and execute various engaging programs for members to participate in from time to time!


Why You Should Join Us

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the life of all that associate with Comlag Alumni Americas Inc. Our programs are developed to lift “the total you”. Every aspect of your life; Spiritual, Financial, Physical and Emotional are catered to!

Community Development

This organization advocates for various ideas that can better our communities. Better community means better support systems. Members provide a support system emotionally and through mentor-ship for past and current students.

Social Bonding

Networking allows alumni to socialize with each other more. Social events and gatherings fortify the alumni’s camaraderie. The group develops a bond and a sense of community between Command Secondary School Ipaja, its faculties, and students (current & former).

Global Database

The Comlag Alumni Americas’ database is a wonderful resource for all Comlag alumni groups worldwide and the Alma Mater. The body provides historical data of the school, important dates, and makes school anniversaries more memorable and present.

Educative Programs

Members cultivate various educative programs in their Alma Mater, its immediate community, and the larger community. Well-informed alumni can be powerful ambassadors for their Alma Maters in the civic and business communities.

Our Members Stories

Below is what our members have to say about us.

Latest News

We are always busy organizing one event or the other that benefit our memebers!